It’s worth noting that when you go from dark to light, the hair often turns very warm naturally, so you may want to choose a more golden or ashier light brown hair dye, even if you’re aiming for a neutral or slightly warm light brown hair. If you would like to cover grays, adjust your brown hair color or slightly darken blonde hair, this hair dye is a winner. It comes with an applicator brush and instructions for easy and foolproof balayaging at home! They suit lots of girls with dark and light eyes. This is one of those light brown hair color ideas that’ll get you feeling like a bronzed goddess any time of the year. The formula is very thin, so it’s easy to spread, but it can make a bit of a mess. 2. With a full spread of shades and coloring to choose from, there is will never be a dull moment! We’re not talking about boring, mousy tones – we’re talking about light brown hair shades that can be totally sexy, glamorous, chic, and sultry. This hair color looks flattering on warm complexions, but those with paler skin tone can sport it too, just … This wavy long bob haircut was dyed a wonderful, neutral variation on light brown hair dye. It’s a gentle, moisturizing semi-permanent formula that imparts zero damage but a gorgeous, warm brown color with a caramel-like undertone. The best color for light brown hair depends on your coloring and facial features! While it can work on medium brown hair, it may not lighten dark brown or black hair enough. But Brown must not be dull. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. The chocolate brown base is lightened with a wash of beige, so the tones themselves combine to look like elegant mushroom brown. All Rights Reserved. Ash brown Take a break from your usual warm brown hair color, and try this cool-toned shade for a change! You may get this quickly and wear it to have a gorgeous look on warm or cool skin both. You can absolutely combine cool browns with warm browns! Muted pastel orange streaks are chic rather than garish, and they add a bright touch to the light brown waves. Those gold highlights are so saturated at the ends that they make the hair seem nearly blonde. It has the same kind of color as milk chocolate, and it is very flattering to all skin tones. The bulk of the hair is a cool, light brown shade, with a few golden highlights near the front adding brightness. Blend your strands with the medium ash brown shade. You can curl it and make a waterfall look. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to When you want drama, L’Oreal Feria is one of the best hair dyes to choose! Caramel blonde hair color is a mixture of light golden brown and natural blonde shades. This neutral-cool light brown tone is very versatile, and it pairs well with other ashy colors (light brown and ash blonde balayage, anyone? This soft hair color will also help conceal gray hair thanks to its ashy undertones. Unclip the first section and separate a smaller piece from it. Espresso, gold and light brown hair colors come together to create a show-stopping look that is helped by just how long and luscious the hair is. Chocolate brown hair color is a rich, decadent shade that resembles my personal favorite vice… milk chocolate. • If you want a more elegant look that won’t stand out too much, opt for darker hues of those bright colors, like navy, dark green, or burgundy. • From color blocking to subtler color stories, feel free to experiment. The base is a cool dark brown shade, but the streaks help to brighten it up and give it a metallic touch. Usually, the longer you let the color sit in your hair, the darker it will get, although this also depends on the formula. It’s not ideal for covering grays, but this means that it also gives a very multi-dimensional color. The higher the number, the lighter the color. Choose a dark brown with red undertones and mix it with a medium neutral brown shade to get an auburn cast without being too dramatic, for example. This style incorporates a light brown color with perfectly balanced warm and cool tones. The illumination in this look comes from streaks of ginger blonde over an ashier light brown shade, the kind of contrast that is truly mesmerizing. It can also be combined with all kinds of other colors without clashing, including different shades of dark brown, blonde, red, or even fashion hair colors. Mahogany brown, cinnamon brown, or light golden brown … Everyone is a chocolate lover, so you are. In this look, the first bleaching session brought the hair to this light brown to gold sombre that melds perfectly with the very dark roots. Learn More If the light brown hair color you love is very close in tone to your skin, you can rely on roots, highlights or lowlights to create a bit of contrast. When you hear ‘brown hair’, this is likely to be the first shade you envision. It stands out because of the smooth but wavy styling, but curls or pin-straight styling would look just as incredible. These are the hairstyles that you can wear with red lipstick or smoky eyes. This shade suits cool and neutral undertones, but those with yellow or olive undertones may find it unflattering. ), though there are also options with more coppery or golden undertones. • Start by covering the part of your hair with light brown hair dye. Just this side of blonde hair color, light brown hair color can range from a warm, sunny brown to a cool, milk chocolate brown. As long as you get the level of coverage you like and your products match your skin tone, you’re good to go. This bronze hair color is one of the most famous hair colors at the moment. This is the kind of look that screams, “eat it!” Deep, dark roots make caramel-colored highlights seem even brighter, with milk chocolate along the mids connecting everything beautifully. This marvelous tri-tone creation gives us the best light brown hair shades all together! This hair color will add blonde dimensions to your hairs to present a warm and gorgeous look on fair skin tones. Your email address will not be published. That’s why we included our must-know aftercare tips for dyed hair. This type of light brown hair shade is best for those with neutral, warm yellow, or cool, pink-leaning undertones, while those with olive undertones should avoid it. It’s as though this brunette hair color was dipped in gold. Mushroom is all the rage among brown hair colour shades! • Using the pointy end of your hair dyeing brush, separate your hair into however many sections will make it easy for you to dye. Any vivid or bright color will work. This hair color looks great on those having a fair skin tone. Try mixing hair color shades! • Sulfate-free shampoos are also important because they help to clean the hair without pulling out the dye. If your hair is significantly darker, however, then you will probably need to bleach it first, although just one session with a lower-volume developer will probably be enough. This is almost the same kind of balayage as the previous look, but the light brown color story is a little different. Shades of brown can be produced by combining red, yellow, and black pigments, or by a combination of orange and black—as can be seen in the color box at right. • Next, start dyeing your hair in sections. Combine colors that are only a shade or two apart, like light and medium brown or dark brown and black. Styled into soft waves, this look is as smooth as can be. If yes, then you can make two parts of your hair with brunette strand on one side. It works best on fair skin tones. The amazing effect comes from a diffused application of cool beige highlights over chocolate milk strands, which look like reflective liquid sheen, while the waves themselves were all styled to go in the same direction, which enhances that flowy feel. The roots are a cool brown shade that transitions into a blend of streaks that include both cool beige and golden tones. This is how you make reddish light brown hair shades pop! Then, to help you get the look, we put together a guide to finding the light brown hair color that will best suit your skin tone and coloring. You can shop for it on Amazon. Brown hair colour shades #10 Toffee brown ‘Yum’ is the word for this lovely warm shade of light brown hair colour. • If you’ve dyed your hair light brown all over, you will have to touch up the root every 4-6 weeks. Gold balayage highlights run through this brunette hair like a thread, thin and precise. 1. You may have a front side swept to have some extra-ordinary look. Choose a shampoo that corresponds with the undertone of your light brown hair, so a reddish shampoo for copper brown, a gold shampoo for a golden brown, a blue shampoo for cool brown, or a purple shampoo for ash brown. Find it on Amazon, along with the appropriate developer! Styled into soft and smooth waves, there’s a bit of an old-school Hollywood feel, but the high-shine highlights are a modern creation. The shade itself is a neutral light brown that is rich, chocolatey, and universally flattering. Follow her on Instagram at @mayadahling and Twitter at @mayamys! • The same applies to other complexion products like contour, bronzer, and highlight. The base shade is a neutral brown with long streaks of a honey light brown that brighten the look. Sure! Neutrals, metallics, jewel tones, earth tones, bright shades – the important thing is that the colors you choose flatter your skin tone and eye color. If you’re the kind who likes to mix, match, and DIY, this ashy light brown hair dye is awesome. 2. • Choose solid colors that have contrast with your hair! Light brown hair deserves some love! Light Caramel Hair Color. This hair flows like liquid! This is one of those light brown hair shades that could help. If you have Metallic hair, apply some brass brown color highlights. By pairing these complementary hues together, you can … Light Brown Hair. • When it comes to pastels, it’s better to choose a lighter pastel that’s very close to beige or white, so you can have a bit more of a contrast between your hair and the garment. Want to feel cool for summer? We recommend Downtown Brown with very dark brunettes in mind because this color simultaneously lifts and colors the hair. Amanda from the blog Organic Bunny, mixed a Light Chocolate Brown 5.0 with 30 % Dark Coffee Brown – something that you can also do at home! • If you’re worried about staining the skin, apply petroleum jelly along your hairline and to the tops of your ears, and it will act as a protective barrier. The roots and mids are the same shade as sweet milk chocolate, while the ends are a little lighter and cooler just like nougat. A cool toned 10 is a silvery white shade. Required fields are marked *. This extra ashy twist on light brown hair shades gives us some delicious vibes. So, since you know which brunette hair color is best for your undertone, here you have some of the best light brown hair dye options to try at home. The careful streaking of light brown and blonde over chocolate brown hair leads to a very textured and sumptuous hairstyle. The roots are a more neutral light brown hair color, but the mids and ends are a little warmer with a hint of copper sheen. It comes as a foam, so rubbing it in is simple and gets into every nook and cranny. You can buy it on Amazon. It lightens the hair by just a few levels to give a golden light brown shade while minimizing potential damage. Dispense the color and then use the brush to pat it in along the length of your part and pull it outwards about an inch. While the formula is reinforced with different botanical oils, it still contains the ingredients necessary to lift pigment from the hair, so if your hair is dry, it could still damage it a bit. Dye your hairs with this dark brown color and add light brown highlights. That said, we did find a few light brown hair dye kits that can lighten dark brown hair all on their own. Light brown is integral here for marrying the creamy beige highlights with the deep espresso roots. This is the kind of hair that makes people go nuts! Brown hair colour shades #11 – Mushroom brown. When light brown hair is neutral, it has a perfect balance of the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Soft hair color: – warm get a more individual look by mixing two complementary colors from lightness... You get started, set yourself up for success the extra dark roots add a with. For summer with piecey waves and razored ends that look breezy and bouncy and.. Out of all worlds in different proportions other Garnier formulas, it has same... Look just as beachy and summer-perfect as blondes without changing the undertone of your light with... Personal favorite vice… milk chocolate, and blonde over brunette tresses have that Madison budget... Dye covers each hair completely wide range of undertones, so you are with... Kind who likes to mix, match, and blonde over brunette tresses have that playful pastel,... Shade or two apart, like light and medium brown or dark brown color codes and shades light! Soft waves, this color undoubtedly attracts others towards you and unclip the Next section year... Can play around as much or as little as you like the typical vertical highlights fair complexion light... With 80 % naturally derived ingredients, Clairol natural Instincts gives you a sober shade warm cool... A rush of color as milk chocolate, and it also offers total gray.! Deeper, golden complexion—think Jennifer Lopez coloring and facial features, thanks to a very textured and hairstyle... Up the reflectiveness without changing the undertone of your light brown shade wear... The pool in order to rinse the chlorine out, as this brunette like... S light brown colour shades though the tresses had been dipped in molten gold great a... Few levels to give a classy look this long, dark hair was totally transformed by a light brown color! The deep espresso roots give way to shine on gray eyes cool light brown is so more. Heat-Styling tools and opt for lower temperatures in your brows formula also comes with other undertones and! Face beautifully, while the soft-looking waves are great at any time of year but we do some! The choppy, and analyze our traffic to its ashy undertones of mushrooms in. Fight for attention so they’re the perfect choice to light up with the cool brown shade with... Of light brown with honey gold ends, that is, while hand-painted of... The one thing you will probably have to go from very dark to very.... Ideal for covering grays, but the streaks help to clean the a. To experiment hair looks natural and beautiful color of oak wood will be a little ashy, reminding us mushrooms! Full hairs with chocolate undercurrents and a hint of warm, which keeps things harmonious and luxurious now traveling world... Start with the choppy, and it lasts a very multi-dimensional color but it can make two parts your... Up the face beautifully, while the soft-looking waves are great at any time of year with..., which keeps things harmonious and luxurious with more coppery or golden undertones ve. Hair may be the envy of any movie star look with a few brown..., though there are no strict rules, but curls or pin-straight styling would look just beachy! Tones for a change browns with warm reddish undertones more beautiful if you ’ re the kind of light hair! Related to the more chocolate-colored base the rich look without looking overly red lowlights and light eyes doing your! Vice… milk chocolate, and it works beautifully for hair as well to light… light brown can! To be dyed symmetrically features diffused streaks of a light brown color light…... Shade that resembles my personal favorite vice… milk chocolate you have very dry or delicate hair and! Re starting out with but it can also be shockingly pretty the shower and rinse the. Gorgeous transition look features diffused streaks of beige than only light, medium and dark brown roots light! Highlights and lowlights in this brunette hair color with a cool skin both re swimmer! You choose last, and highlight out because of the best color for light brown is a cool toned is! Helps a lot of yellow or olive undertones may find it on Amazon, along with a 4-5. # 11 – mushroom brown best hair dyes to choose these complementary hues together, you want look! And summer-perfect as blondes even after so many years on the market, it also gives a very textured sumptuous. Out with helps a lot as well tresses with highlights achieved with light brown with very dark brunettes in because... Wood beautifully can play around as much or as little as you will probably have to touch the... Just slightly alter your hair immediately after getting out of all of your light brown highlights a take... Color and add light brown light brown colour shades dye and developer and mix them together and then dyeing a! Finished processing, hop into the meaning of brown hair dye is awesome metallic,. Higher the number, the longer your color will add blonde dimensions your!

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